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Frank de Jong

Frank de Jong

Disaster Medicine, Research
+32 (0)475 92 65 14


Frank de Jong, RN. Independent ICT consultant and emergency nurse; volunteer firefighter and humanitarian fieldworker.
After a B-FAST mission in Congo as a logistician, he decided to study nursing at night college while continuing his work as an independent ICT consultant, voluntary firefighter and ambulance officer. He graduated in 2017 and won the Bachelor Prize for his thesis on the use of crisisdata gathered from a simple patient form. After a year of weekly consultations for Doctors of the World at Parc Maximilian and the Humanitarian Hub at the North Station in Brussels, he started as a part-time nurse at the Emergency Department of H.Hart-Ziekenhuis in Lier.  Meanwhile he continues to further develop his patient form and crisisdata system, adapting them for mass gatherings, research and urban search & rescue.



  • ICT consultancy
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Fire fighting
  • Data gathering
  • Disaster Medicine
  • Humanitarian Aid


Clinical characteristics of the 2013 Hayan typhoon victims presenting to the Belgian first aid and support team.

van Berlaer G, De Jong F, Das T, Gundran CP, Samijn M, Gijs G, Buyl R, Debacker M, Hubloue I.
Disaster Med Public Health Prep 2018; 1-14. doi:10.1017/dmp.2018.54

Crisisdata rapportering vanuit een eenvoudig patiëntendossier,"Crisisdata reporting from a simple patient record." - de Jong (2017).